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10 Images Rolls Royce Interior Wallpaper Good Looking

there three doors combination lock on each one of them no seriously look one two three you finally get to the champagne what’s up Guys. guys i’m in Frankfurt. frankfurt in germany in deutschland i find myself here quite a lot today i have the new rollsroyce phantom now it’s Been.

been raining here in frankfurt and One. one of the coolest features of rollsroyce is that they have an inbuilt umbrella in the car come look at this open Up. up the back and press This.

this rolls royce umbrella how freaking Sweet.

sweet Is. is that you can actually just go online and buy this umbrella for 550 or you could go down to your local scrap yard and buy an entire car but i’d much rather something this in that goes Applause and to close this back door you just press this Little. little button and it closes because when you own a royal rollsroyce you’re too fancy to close doors on your own which is kind of how it works Do.

do you want me to show for you because that’s what you do in the roles okay so this is the thing you guys before i ever drove a rollsroyce i was you don’t want to drive a rollsroyce they’re cars to be chauffeured In.

in right then i drove one and then i drove another one and by the second time i was a thousand percent convinced that this is a car you want to drive this is not a car That