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8 Good View Audi R8 2020 Wallpaper Good Looking

shooting again because a good. colleague auditor griffey is called the wehrmacht and already in spa he wants to visit us again and again to pick up cars from Us. us because he’s just audi crazy audi awesome got the car as always and made a great deal today today He. he brought us 1 with him he was in ingolstadt and he brought us the new r8 facelift now your license plate has also put it down because he specifically said this license plate Does. does not look away well off guys We.

we have a bit of that today with the Ball. ball on here in ascari blue in the performance edition 620 hp building v10 charge weather also plays a part That’s. that’s already half the battle what has changed visually now with the facelift it I think it’s relatively distinctive because The. the design language at the front has changed significantly. The grill is e a little deeper a little wider we have air inlets here that remind you a little bit of the quadro draftsmen who were also on it for the a1 yes i mean if you look here now complete friend is just significantly different i think It. it has A. a little bit i’m even doing that now not derogatory but it has a bit of a japanese touch at least that was my first impression when i saw it so from the language actually not so classic r8 i have to say yes here we have a few small Details