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Favorite Black Gtr Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

Volcom going to show you some of the most exciting features that are exclusive to the Nismo and why this is the most expensive Nissan ever made the 2020 gtr Nismo retails For. for two Hundred. hundred and twelve thousand dollars and that is thirty five thousand dollars more than the 2019 model For. for that you get This. this aggressive style lots of carbon fiber racecar parts and a Lot.

lot of really cool features we’re Gonna.

gonna take a deeper dive at some of the Nismo exclusive features that you get on the 2020 model and a couple other really cool GTR features that are included as well under the hood you have the same twin turbo v6 from the base GTR but this one has been tuned to deliver 600 horsepower and 481 poundfeet of torque you also have twin turbochargers that are taking straight off with the GTR gt3 race cup nissan says that with these upgrades you get enhanced acceleration response by 20% without a loss of horsepower I’ve driven the 50th anniversary and the Nismo and the Nismo definitely feels quick Going. going fast is only half the battle you need to be able to stop Quick. quick and stop controlled and for that we have a Brembo carbon ceramic brake system and here we have a four hundred and ten millimeter front rotor and a 390 millimeter rear rotor there’s also a Brembo calipers that are dipped in a gorgeous Yellow. yellow paint and they can withstand temperatures up to a Thousand