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of top gear and i just got to this episode where they reviewed the lamborghini uracon and they’re sort of these cinematically beautiful clips of it flying across their runway being Chased. chased by A. a helicopter and it looks amazing but they didn’t show you all of the cool quirks and unusual features of the urkon that you wouldn’t know unless you’ve spent some time with one so today I’ve.

i’ve flown to atlanta georgia to borrow this uricon from a viewer to do just that i’m going To. to show you all of its weird features and cool quirks and then i’m going to drive it because that’s what i do one of the most unusual quirks about the uricon is something You.

you don’t Notice. notice Right. right away but over time you start To. to realize that everything about this car has Six. six sides you might think i’m exaggerating but i am not everything on this car is six sided it’s hexagonal let me show you on the wheels one two three Four. four Five.

five six the door Handle. handle one two three four five six there’s six sides on the power mirror Changer. changer there are six sides on the door handle the ac vents you guessed it six sides the sport button yep it’s a hexagon the red thing around the start stop button that would be Six.

six sides and the silver thing around The.

the Red. red thing around the start stop button also six sides there are little hexagons on the Passenger. passenger side Of