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monte carlo and this time it is on the more popular kushak now of course monte carlo means a lot of red and black but this time there are upgrades and changes that are a lot more prominent and a lot more useful as well well in typical monte carlo fashion you have this Lovely.

lovely shade of red it is very sporty very very attractive but if you aren’t a fan of that if you want a bit more Subtlety. subtlety there’s also a shade of white available as Well. well then of course are the blacked out bits The. the grille is all black now the grille was always black but the chrome surround that was on the standard car has been blacked out now and at the Bottom.

bottom you have the Scuff. scuff plate as well that is in a shade of gloss black the other change are the gloss black fog lamp housing cases and That. that is about it not a lot that has changed but overall it looks a bit more sporty And.

and in some scenes a bit more rugged as well now over to the side the biggest or The. the most noticeable Change.

change Are. are of course the Wheels. wheels they have grown in size 17 inches now and If. if you look closely the design is very similar to that of the octavia rs245 that is very very sporty those of course were 18 inches but these still look nice and give the car an overall proportionate look with The. the bigger 1.5 liter engine you also get red brake calipers that add to the sportiness the other changes are The.

the badges of course you have monte carlo on each of the fenders and you have blacked out or vms you have a blacked out roof rail The. the roof if you see is also blacked out there are These.

these dark metal bands on the door handles as well and overall the stance of the car has improved mostly due to the rise in the wheel size So.

so that is a very very nice touch and if that was an issue for you earlier that has been solved with the monte carlo now at the back is a similar story everything has been blacked out here as well the skoda badging the shark badging even the strip gets the black Treatment. treatment and if you look closely low down the diffuser Gets.

gets gloss black as well so overall in typical monte carlo fashion a blend of red And. and black but has that theme continued on the inside let’s find out now inside the Monte. monte carlo they really have gone all out with the red and black because you have it all Over.

over you have this lovely panel on the dashboard gloss red looks really nice and the thing is even If.

if you buy the monte carlo in white you still get the red bits that is something you’re gonna have to live with there’s red ambient lighting as well the seats Get. get this lovely red and black upholstery leather seats quality is top notch and you have monte carlo etching in all the Headrest.

headrest front and Rear. rear and since this is based on the topspec Style.

style trim you get a pretty packed car there’s pretty much everything you need sunroof ventilated front seats wireless charging wireless carplay wireless android Auto.

auto you have a 10 inch touchscreen as well but the big one the big change for the monte carlo Is. is in here you have an 8 inch fully digital instrument cluster and it looks fantastic especially in this car it looks absolutely fitting that was One.

one issue with the standard kusha you know analog dials didn’t feel they belonged There.

there but in this one they have solved that and the thing is since this is a monte carlo the graphics have been changed to red as well this is the same setup as you see on the slavia so you get pretty much everything a lot of customization as Well.

well and overall it has upped the premium portion of The. the car and lastly you have metal pedals as well of course they Don’t. don’t offer much in terms of functionality They. they don’t really change anything but they look really really nice and really sporty and that’s the whole point of a monte carlo in the rear the red and Black.

black seat up all stick continues and the overall cabin is laden with contrast stitching that looks the part powering the Monte