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Top 7 Ferrari Phone Wallpaper

the latest from China it’s a filari cell phone there’s a filari car cell phone how does it look and why does it look a filari car and on the phone I Don’t. don’t know man but check it ok check it out reborn first of all I’ll show you the guy giganto and battery ok by pressing this button over here you pull up the lid you see this lithiumion battery it’s a phone remember I’m. I’m not trying to show you the bottom it’s a surprise going to be For.

for You.

you man the check is out it’s Huge. huge and thick compared to the iPhone 3GS Why. why is it so thick guess what it gets 6,800 milliamp hour of capacity iPhone 3GS 32 gigabyte this guy it’s actually 1219 million hour so this baby gets almost 5 times the capacity near more than Five.

five times ok then the iPhone 3GS it houses to dual I mean a dual SIM card slot pass for travelling in China between Hong Kong Macau Asia so that you don’t need to keep swapping SIM cards when you travel ok micro SD card slot most ly ok now I’m gonna Turn. turn this filari on see if It.

it runs I’m going to test drive this ok let’s test drive that this is the bottom of the car it’s actually a phone a touchscreen phone ok this camera it’s a VGA camera it’s not 2 megapixel so I’m going to turn this and testdrive It