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you’re sitting at home and you’re thinking i could definitely go for some stolen jewelry or a tv that i have no intention of paying for what Do. do you do well what Some. some people did in 1998 was they would go and find their nearest subaru impreza wrx that They. they could borrow without consent go pick up A.

a couple Of. of mates pop down to your local shops reverse the car into the shop fill it with as much goods as you can possibly grab and then speed off down the street out running the police in your little turbocharged pocket rocket now if you weren’t around in 1998 that story might seem completely crazy but the thing is it’s stories exactly that that started the wrx as mystique and legend see subaru’s marketing team would you to Think. think that the wrx winning multiple world rally championships is What. what created the wrx legend and mystique and that is true to some extent but the thing is it was outrunning police highway patrol Cars. cars that made these things really desirable and now with the resurgence of well everything 90s these things are now more desirable than ever but what Are. are they really what goes wrong with them are they reliable can you daily Drive. drive them are they practical and most importantly should you buy one this particular car is a 1998 or an my 98 impreza wrx and if you’re watching this from the uk it’s an Impreza