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Top Rolls Royce Black Wallpaper With 12 Pictures

before because it hasn’t been revealed to the public i’m in a top secret location on the outskirts of london this is the 2022 rollsroyce ghost black badge first thing You. you guys are going to notice is the overall darker theme of this car that’s because this is the black badge and you guys don’t know what a black badge is it’s basically the traditional rollsroyce’s you know darker sportier cooler alter ego Think. think of it this you know alex is the beautiful elegant classy rollsroyce supercar blondie and the Black. black badge right coming close this Right. right here Is. is the darkest black in the car industry there’s actually 45 kilos of paint on this car right now look let me turn let me turn The.

the camera around you weigh about what 50. 50 kilos imagine imagine inca’s entire body mass is more or less about the Same. same amount Of.

of paint as we have on here the super deep black acts kind of a canvas and contrast to bring out the coach line so take a look at the coach line and for those of you that don’t know this is actually hand painted there’s someone i don’t know where they find these people but there’s someone that can actually literally just paint It. it in a Straight.

straight line if I. i if i had to do that it would look uh you know when you go to the hospitals and You. you have your patients in The