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Favorite 8 Pictures S14 Kouki Wallpaper

am i the bad cop which one do you want to be i can be really mean he’s asking hi is he now hey kroll 86. are you aren’t you getting one of those oh i mean uh he is not getting one of those because that is not a thing saved so this car was actually sent to me by one of you guys on instagram you guys found the listing when it was 12 hours Old.

old and you sent it to me and the car looks extremely clean i’ve always wanted an s14 and i think we have finally found the perfect one he’s asking a lot he’s asking 16 which Is.

is a lot but it’s unmodified other than it has Coilover. coilover So. so i guess it is modified but other than that It’s. it’s completely stock it’s an automatic which isn’t ideal but calvin and i did a did we do a manual swap on your s13 a ways back it’s a pretty straightforward thing and i know exactly what i want to do with it and i’m really excited about it we’re gonna Make. make sure the car is in the condition that the pictures that he showed me were in sometimes in person we can find a few extra things we can battle The.

the price a little bit because it is A. a pretty steep price for a 240. i get that but they are getting hard to come by and especially finding one with the Condition. condition that It’s