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Favorite Mercedes Benz C63 Amg Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

review autodopanal my name is max and today we are checking out another viewer’s car this is peter’s 2019 mercedes amg c63s coupe a And. and peter has been with us Before. before he brought his Bmw. bmw m550i with a remus exhaust if i’m not mistaken that car sounded absolutely mental super cool v8 sound and in the meantime peter bought a porsche turbo s a bmw m2 competition and now he’s got this c63s so a lot has happened and well this is the Last.

last probably the last really great c63 so we decided to take it out for a review today i’m going To. to show you around it i’m going to show you the spec peter has and of course we’re going to talk about the facelift Because. because this is quite a big facelift that happened in 2018 and after that we’ll take it for a drive towards the ultraman for an autobahn blast so let’s start with the spec and we’re going to start with the color i think this is a graphite gray magno so it’s a very dark Gray. gray matte color and normally i’m not a big fan of this but i Do. do think that it looks particularly striking on this car and the koopa isn’t Even. even my favorite c63 s it’s basically the third favorite after the estate and the sedan but i have to say that I. i really it in this spec i think it looks super mean with those black wheels those Golden