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13 Pictures Fortuner 2020 Wallpaper Good Looking

a for tuner a really good suv full drive to buy if what you want is the capability and the reliability of a toyota hilux But. but you want it encased in a Wagon. wagon body that’s the basic recipe of the fortuna but as we’ll find out in today’s this is actually a better car All. all round than the hilux it has a more sophisticated rear suspension That. that makes it more Comfortable.

comfortable to drive on road but it still keeps basically all of that utilities offroading ability now when the fortuner came Out.

out in the australian market the look wasn’t to everybody’s tastes personally it’s growing on me part of the reason it’s grown on me though is because the fortuna is just a Much. much better deal than some other vehicles in this segment it’s a lot cheaper than a ford everest for example and it’s more of a Direct. direct rival to the mitsubishi pajero sport now just looking at it it’s pretty clear That.

that this vehicle is related to the hilux and that extends Way.

way under the skin it s the hialux’s 2.8 liter Turbo. turbo diesel fourcylinder Engine. engine and we’ll see how that goes on the road in just a minute but First. first we’ll have a look here in the cabin where there are some similarities and some differences to toyota’s really popular use the basic construction of the cabin is similar including this very sort of vertical dash but the fortuna takes up the refinement a notch It