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that i bought to celebrate hitting 100k s in the previous episode we gave it a thorough scrubbing and evicted all the spiders to make Working. working on the car a bit more enjoyable the Next. next chapter in this project kicks off today as we’ll be attempting to start the saab’s engine for the first time after who Knows. knows how Many. many years prepare for an episode filled with dirty fluids hack jobs and shocking revelations i am pretty sure that this car has been On. on fire at some point okay everyone so by looking at the title of this you know that we are going to Attempt. attempt to start the sab today and the first thing that we’ll need to do is to get it back Into. into the shop and that will be Kind. kind of tricky because it is parked in a rather awkward position and i am here all by myself so yeah and that is actually the main reason why i am super motivated today because i am so sick of having to push it around so since the last time that we took a look at this engine i have Actually. actually figured Out. out what it is so right over here the engine code says it is a b202 which means That.

that it is the 2liter variant producing about 126 horsepower it has four valves per cylinder double overhead camshafts and fuel injection of course i don’t know how long this particular engine hasn’t been Running