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Best 7 Mk7 Wallpaper

thank for watching another this is my mark 7 gti i’ve had the car for a couple of weeks now and i’ve put a few Hundred. hundred miles on it And. and It’s. it’s Been. been nothing but fun so in today’s i want to talk about why the mark 7 gti is the perfect Entrylevel. entrylevel tuner car so there are a lot of different tuner cars in so many different platforms that people to go with you have the gti you have your wrxs your focus st’s if you want to go a little crazier golf r’s s3s focus rs’s stis evos there’s so many different tuner Cars. cars that people To. to go with now if you want to just put your foot into the door of getting a car that is highly modifiable and you can have a Lot. lot of fun with for not a lot of money the gti is the perfect car For. for you now a mark 7 Gti. gti you can easily find for sale right now under 20 000 with decent miles and the best thing about these cars is that there’s such a huge aftermarket support from suspension to tuning to boltons different hybrid turbo setups you can Do. do so much with these cars for not too too much money and if you’re a parent looking to buy your kid their first car and they want something a little more fun this is something perfect or if you’re a Teenager. teenager or young adult and You