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Favorite 9 Nice Pictures Audi Rs8 Wallpaper

because today grip is looking for the car with the fastest and most brutal acceleration in terms of acceleration which I have never experienced in my life grip test driver matthias malmedie is sitting in the challenger an audi r8 piled up to 1050 hp he is the fastest acceleration monster in the country the tuning r8 already sets an example When. when sprinting from 100 to 200 km h the bugatti Giro.

giro has 1500. hp the power r8 1050 from a standing start The. the extremely tuned audi reaches the 200 Km.

km h in a fantastic 6.9 seconds the cost of the conversion is a whopping 75,000 euros, it doesn’t seem so obvious if you’re an 80, but you don’t see that the 1050 hp has 1050 hp. and I also think that’s the nice thing about the car, the power isn’t so high and it’s easy just there and delivers friends need. opponents i need something that you can keep up with so we Can. can visualize how fast fast Fast. fast fast the i st. matthias drives with his 1000 hp to the lausitzring in brandenburg the 700 meter long start finish right there is perfect for an ultimate acceleration Duel. duel 700 hp. the fastest the most powerful porsche 911 of all time the tuned r8 Can. can do the gt2. rs in a drag race Over.

over the beat a quarter mile da would be incredible . oh my shame i’m freaking out the mountains out of me honestly Didn’t