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Favorite 8 Porsche 996 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

rené today there’s a little review last year a little throwback to the year 20 21 because i. ‘ve had the beautiful 96 for over two years now i bought it in december 2019 and am now that I’ve driven 10,000 kilometers I just wanted to make a little every year, just what it’s to drive around in the car, the experiences with other people with the Other.

other drivers because he’s A.

a small community and with the 96 drivers there and. I always have give a bit of an update feedback and actually i’ve already started shooting s i’ve actually Already. already started driving and telling you how great the year 20 21 was with the car. i’ve been for two years now and drove 10,000 km last year isn’t really that was actually problemfree engine technically absolutely perfect smokes nothing everything is still dic ht It’s. it’s all dry that he didn’t cause any problems that was all Wonderful. wonderful that i maybe tweaked 12 things in the car because in the first year i really repaired a lot here on the car and i always said heaps of Tutorials.

tutorials about the car found out the beautiful thing is to screw on the car how nice that The.

the car is to drive and and last year I was able to enjoy the 96 wonderfully but during the shoot I noticed that The. the front radiator which I redid 8000 kilometers ago was relatively early on where I then Had