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and dry known as the anza borrego desert state park i’m here because gmc has brought us out to take a look at the new sierra at4x now this Essentially. essentially takes the already capable at4 trim level and gives it even more capability and even more luxury because that’s What. what gmc is known for so in today’s . we’re gonna give you an extensive walk around of this truck and you’re gonna see exactly what that extra letter gets you . now i want to also let you guys know that there is an embargo on driving impressions so Be. be sure to come back on may 10th At.

at 6am eastern standard time we’ll have a full driving impression on this model and the denali ultimate trim but before we get into that obviously let’s take A. a look at the styling changes or differences with the at4x trim level as you guys know the sierra Got. got A. a pretty heavy refresh for 2022 the entire sierra Lineup. lineup but this is a new trim level i really love this exterior color i apologize for how dirty it is but as you can see it’s about 107 degrees out Here. here on this windy day in the desert So.

so the blue paint the beautiful dynamic blue is covered up by all this dust and sand but it still looks great you can see in the sun it sparkles this is a premium color for an extra 500 it looks fantastic with the New. new grill This