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Favorite Chevy Ss Wallpaper With 8 Pictures

drive it has a sixspeed manual transmission and it has a 415 horsepower v8 this car is basically everything enthusiasts say they want and yet it was a flop Chevy. Chevy canceled it after just four years and only around 12,000 sales today I’m gonna take a look at this SS and I’m gonna show you why you should have bought one even though You. you didn’t and I’m gonna try to understand why this car was such a failure even though It. it looked so promising on paper I’ll start with the basics the Chevy SS Is.

is built in Australia where it’s sold as the Holden Commodore the SS came out for the 2014 model Year.

year and back then it was only offered with an automatic a 6speed manual became available the next year prices have always started in the 45 To.

to 50 thousand dollar range and sales were lackluster Chevy sold only about 3,000 of these per year for four years and They. they only just pulled the plug In. in fact As. as I film this there are still a few new SS stragglers left for sale on auto trader today I’m gonna show you around this SS which I’ve Borrowed. borrowed from a viewer in New Jersey and I’m going to show you all of the quirks and the features and basically what you missed out By. by not buying one of these then I’m gonna take it on the road and find out how it drives and then I’m gonna give you My