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Top 9 Dodge Challenger Black Wallpaper Good Looking

I’m here the Tampa Bay Convention Center for the International new car & truck show walking around of course I’m gonna stop at the dodge booth what we have is this 2020 Dodge Challenger scat Pat widebody so let’s talk a little bit about the Challenger the Challenger first Made. made its appearance all the way back in 1970 part of that whole muscle car era what’s kind of sad is that it wasn’t around for a very long time as A. a muscle car because of that whole oil crisis things were going down when it came to the EPA and everything else well guess what many people will remember that dodge has brought it back and brought it back big and what’s wonderful is that dodge with the Challenger I think hits the head right on the nail around the head when it comes to that muscle car retro look none other my question to dodges is why do they make them all look the same because what’s interesting is to the untrained Eye. eye this scat pack my body somebody might say it was a red eye Without. without actually knowing the little details so let me go ahead take you around the scat pack white body and show you some of those right off the bat I said I think they hit retro muscle car every time they Nail. nail that ball right out of the park love the quad headlight design you can See.

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