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Best 10 Images Range Rover Mobile Wallpaper

new for doing some mobile ham radio operating it’s a 2009 um range rover td v8 sport i think we’re going to have great fun with it plan on taking it all sorts Of. of places we’re not just going to do hf radio with a wire with a we’ve got a 40 meter whip we’re also going to do Uh. uh do my handhelds and take My. my hot spots fire them up and let’s get Some. some hot spot activity uh you Know. know just driving Around. around the car open spot 3 pi star dv mega hot spots so yeah these cars Are.

are coming way down in price nowadays yeah you know this is a new was probably 70 80 000 pound car and now you can buy them six so uh I. i thought we’d give It.

it a go there is a high premium on the car tax environmental costs but you know i’m just i’m i’m a very low mileage person 20 30 miles a week so yeah looking forward to doing those s seven Three. three catch you all now all the best