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of are stuck at home right now from school or from work dude obviously obvious reasons we’re all quarantined right so how about a history lesson Free. free . I Promise. promise it’s not super boring as long as you cars or Chevrolet or you know General Motors and what I want to talk to you today about is this right here that logo that bowtie logo the origins of that and it’s actually there’s a mystery to that history and so I want to talk to With. with that today So. so come Along.

along with me and let’s find out how this came about the Chevrolet bowtie logo recognized worldwide the Chevy bowtie was introduced by company cofounder William C Durant in late 1913 how it came to be however is the mystery and open to wide wide speculation the logo Was. was first used on the 1914 Chevrolet H to Royal Mail. Mail and the H for baby grin and of course it has now been used on well over 200 million Chevrolet’s over the course of over a hundred years now the version Durant himself has given seems to be the long accepted story he Claims.

claims it was inspired by a wallpaper design he saw While. while staying in a Parisian hotel in 1908 he was actually a World.

world traveler he tore off a piece of that wallpaper to show his friends with a thought it would make a great nameplate for a car there are however two other possible accounts that Have. have been offered up from within the Durant family itself and not from him the One.

one alternative was found when In. in in his daughter Margaret Margery dorrance 1929 book My. my father where she writes I think it was between the soup and the fried chicken one night that he sketched out the design that is used on the Chevrolet. Chevrolet car to this day then in a 1986 issue of Chevrolet Pro Management magazine a 13year old interview with Durant’s Widow Catherine. Catherine revealed that she had recalled a holiday where her And. and William took to Hot Springs Virginia in 1912 during the trip she remembers Him.

him reading a newspaper and spawning a design to which he exclaimed I think there’s be a very good emblem for the Chevrolet unfortunately Though.

though Kathryn did not clarify what it was he saw or how it was used that story though prompted historian and editor a historian and editor of the Chevrolet revue Ken Kaufman To.

to search out just what it was that she may have seen what he found was a 1911 edition of the Constitution newspaper where She. she saw where he saw a part of me and AD by the southern southern compressed coal company for coal as a refined fuel product For. for fires as you can see there is a clear resemblance here I don’t know I’m kind of leaning towards that being a possible definitely a possible idea lastly there’s this Theory. theory that the design is styled is a stylized version Of. of a Swiss flag cross that was the nationality of The.

the other cofounder of course Louis Chevrolet he was born In. in Switzerland and some people believe that they’re just taking that cross from that flag and what and perhaps turned that into what we see today as a Chevrolet logo but you know what despite what the real story of its Origin. origin is many variations of the bowtie been used in the decades since its October 1913 debut in an edition of The Washington Post but no matter which Theory story account you believe to Be. be true it is quite Clear.

clear the Chevrolet.

Chevrolet bowtie is Easily.

easily one of the most recognizable logos today whereas representing that phenomenal company General Motors so thanks for taking the time to listen to my little history lesson today and I hope you All. all learned something as always I want to thank you so much for watching and remind you if you have any questions concerns you can always email me message me or call me take everybody