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weeks ago upgraded the screen on my 2016 mercedesbenz c300 to a 12.3 inch android screen from dmp car design if you haven’t seen that definitely go Check. check it out so the Screen’s. screen’s been awesome except for one thing i noticed that the screen doesn’t have a lot of boot up screen images there’s No. no mercedes logo there’s no amg logo it’s just really limited and i think that’s due to the fact that because the screen is so new there’s a Lot. lot of licensing Issues. issues that you Can’t. can’t include those Type. type of images on the screen since it’s an aftermarket screen however dmp car design now offers a service for a fee that you can send in any image and they can convert it to a boot up screen image and the Process. process is really easy all i did was send them a few images in a 1920×7200 size and then they Send. send me back a zip folder that i can install on the screen so i can install those custom Boot. boot images so i took a usb drive plugged it into my laptop formatted the usb drive then i move the zip folder that i received from dmp car design into the usb drive and that’s it now i can plug this Into. into the usb port that’s attached to the Android. android screen now that the usb drive is plugged into the usb port I’m.

i’m going to turn on the car as you can see the default Boot