Car Wallpaper

6 Good View Plymouth Gtx Wallpaper

today I’m to you from the home of movie machines as you can see from a quick look around here this is a fullon Hollywood. Hollywood picture Car. car company some of the cars you see in the background are things they’ve built some are cars that they’ve bought from other productions but today what we’re gonna get into a lot of you guys have been asking for more Mopar so with a little noise going on in the background what we’re shooting today that’s right right there behind me that’s the GTX from Fast eight super stoked to be Shooting. shooting this car now I tell you this car is not streetlegal so the ice charger we shot before we’re not allowed to actually drive this anywhere we got to keep all within this block here but this is the Friggin. friggin GTX from fast day this is going to be A. a blast so hold on man Cuz.

cuz here we go all right you guys so we’re gonna do a little walkthrough on this GTX that we all know from Fast 8 now tell you a couple things up front remember I might see it A.

a couple times throughout this it’s a picture card picture cars are designed to get the shot to make it look great they don’t care about fit and finish they don’t have the time or energy or budget to deal with fit and finish especially when you’re building Multiples. multiples of One. one car you Got. got some That