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Favorite 9 Good View Gt2 Rs Wallpaper

Wow, and here I have the Porsche 911 99 1. Gt2 rs. This is the ultimate 911 and in. This video I’m going to give it a jolly—good reviewing for your viewing pleasure. And for my driving pleasure and to do. That and the torque around the exterior. Design it has some fishy gills show you. The upgrades inside give you some geeky. Facts you have variable vein turbo. Technology these aren’t them. These are. Just a family see how quick it is and do—my very best not to crash it now before. We get into all that, and please make sure. You subscribe to this channel and hit.

The bell icon to turn your notifications. So you don’t miss any of our videos. Also, could you do me a considerable personal? Favour follow me on Instagram at matt. Watt some cars the links the. The top one is below the video I’m trying to. Get to 200,000 followers, and I need you. Help, thank you very much. Let’s start. This review by talking about the gt2 rs. Is design follows to that we’ll? Do that later. Let’s kick off by seeing. How quick it is, so I’m going to launch it. Now I’ve got my specialist timing gear. Up there, all I have to do is put it into. Drive left on the brake throw the thrall. Launch controls engaged to release the good brake price.