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Best 9 Ertiga Wallpaper Good Looking

any my crazy updates hi guys and welcome to another vlog i’m driving this this is the maruti ertiga facelift yes it’s called a facelift But. but mouthwash susie calls it new generation next generation whoa anyways changes are very limited it comes there and then we’ll get to the car and There. there is where is the Leave.

leave oh my god there is the Engine. engine why i’m saying oh my god because there’s so much space which is empty on the inside and this is so light But. but a lucky level lightness key And.

and sort of camouflages the insulation it has insulation Of. of course Now. now it is exactly the same as the xl6 yes there is no freaking difference in The. the power train in the chassis in the mechanical bits but in terms of aesthetics Certain. certain things have changed for Starters. starters you get this new chrome grille for that premium Appeal. appeal just suzuki and the lights well they do not get any sort of led projector setup there where’s the drl haney anyways this chrome treatment is there so when compared to the xl6 this is very different because the xl6 obviously gets leds as well This. this is halogen the fog Light.

light and certain Changes.

changes have been done to the front which is mostly the grille Only. only bucky’s up same and you have two new colors on offer as well from the side again it looks more or less the same the only difference is that the alloy wheel Design.

design Has. has changed and it gets 15 inch wheels when you compare this to the xl6 which gets 16 inch wheels which are just bigger and Better. better and gives a better Stance. stance to the car the tire size happens to be 185 65 15 now this is a really long car you get chrome door handles you get requested on both the sides and you get a long antenna here as well so minor changes Here. here and there when compared to the xl6 when you come to the rear again everything is more or less the same however you get this chrome line which was not there in the older model of the ertiga it Says. says smart hybrid here and the lights will remind you of a volvo that’s the reason we call this the volvo xc10 okay again leds are missing here you can see halogen bulbs of course festival fingers of truth will go down to the big exhaust because there is where the exhaust is there’s a spare wheel which does not get an alloy no no no no alloy Here. here rear parking sensors reverse parking camera but you know What. what they should have put a spoiler here there’s a high mounted stoplight this is the spray Which. which goes for the rear Viper.

viper Washer. washer of course let’s open the boot which is decent size with all the rose up and when you put things down it becomes even better in fact there’s some storage Space. space here so some Cubby