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Top 11 Toyota Chaser Wallpaper

trying turbocharge your night or drift into unconsciousness, there’s no better way to take the edge off than a wellchosen Chaser. This is the story of one of Toyota’s longest running models, a testament to improvement and good old highpower, rearwheel driving fun. So, pause you anime, you JDM freaks. This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on the Toyota Chaser. (upbeat ) We’re gonna get to the Chaser, But. but before, let’s rewind a little bit for a bit of a history lesson. In the early 50’s, Japan was beginning to recover from the devastation of World War Two. The workforce was in great need of Mobility..

mobility. For the most part, public transportation had deteriorated during the war, and The. the country was a few Decades. decades away from having the Expensive. expensive rail lines it has today. Toyota had been flirting with bankruptcy for years, struggling To.

to produce vehicles in the slow economic client. In the slow economic climate. The Americans pretty much saved Toyota when they ordered 5000 military trucks for use on the Korean Peninsula. With that money, Toyota was Able. able to get back on their feet and produce a new passenger car for Japan.. Japan. The Toyota Crown Debuted.

debuted in 1955. The styling resembled American sedans of the same era, but shrunk down a few sizes, Toyota put In.

in the dryer with a little too Much. much heat. “All right, everybody, here’s the new. “Ah, man, I Just. just bought it, it’s already small?” Since 1950,. 1950, Japanese drivers had been taxed based on the size of Their. their car’s engines. The. The bigger the motor, the more You. you pay. To keep the Crown affordable for the masses, Toyota had no choice but to use an itsybitsy, teenyweeny little engine. Despite the fact that Toyota had been struggling, The. the Crown was a pretty great car, and it helped Toyota become one of Japan’s biggest auto makers. The Crown brand was so strong that Toyota. Toyota figured they could afford to make it a little bigger and more luxurious, but didn’t want to abandon the small proportions that had made the car such a sales success. So, they did both. They made the Crown bigger, and introduced a smaller version called the Corona, with lime. This was just the beginning of the Crown’s growing family tree. In 1968, the Corona got a little brother, the Coronoa Mark Two, but my little brother Lars, the Mark. Mark Two was bigger than the original, something the Corona would Never. never stop resenting, despite knowing he was wrong, and That. that he should just love Mark Two for who He. he is, even though Mom said the Mark Two was her favorite son. What was I Talking. talking about? The Mark Two is where the real story begins. Toyota Wasn’t. wasn’t the only Japanese company making sedans in their homeland. The Nissan Skyline And Datsun 510 were hot on their heels, and let me tell you, those are both pretty good. Toyota needed to fight back. So, in 1972,. 1972, the Mark Two was completely overhauled. To go toetotoe with the Skyline,. Skyline, it needed a bigger engine, so they Gave.

gave it one. Gone was the little fourcylinder, and in its place was a sweet 2.5 liter inlinesix, but only in the US. What? This is the first time in Up to Speed history that the US got the better motor? Lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning, lightning! Toyota now had a muscle car in the US, and gave it a new name for its American Home..

home. Cressida! It didn’t have a big block its American.

American colleagues, but it looked the part. The Cressida’s.

Cressida’s styling was boxy and Coke bottle esque, just real American muscle cars. You know what they say, Imitation. imitation is the highest form of flattery. Ain’t that right, Nolan? (car drifts) In 1977, Toyota introduced A.

a new model to the Mark Two line for Japan. Announcer Chaser! It was basically the same as the regular Mark Two, but less luxurious And. and more affordable. In 1980, Toyota expanded the Chaser line with the Chaser Avante. The Avante’s suspension was tuned specifically for aggressive driving, and possessed an allnew heart beating under the hood. The 1GGEU inline six engine differed from the straightsix previously offered in America. The most notable difference was The.

the size. While the Yankee version was 2.5 liters, the 1G was smaller, at just Two.

two liters. You’re telling me they made a straight six the same size as a bottle of Sprite? This made The