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Favorite 10 Corvette Zr1 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

is the c7 corvette zr1 zr1 whatever this is the zr1 the absolute peak of the c7 generation of corvette they threw everything at it with an upgraded z06 engine it makes 755 horsepower but it’s a car that’s as much made for straightline violence as it is crushing cornering forces and since we’ve Already. already tested the now legendary dodge viper acr A. a streetcar that has topped our leaderboard let’s see how chevy’s answer Fares.

fares at our track and whether or not It. it too shall become A.

a legend 150 170 200 2 30 us past our finish. i once said that happiness is on the other side of 7000 rpm it turns out insanity is on the other side of 700 horsepower and that is a lot of performance for 140 000 canadian which is what this was when it came out that’s less than what base c8s are going for now except It’s.

it’s not 140 grand anymore you see cars these have skyrocketed in price if you want a zr1 now you’re going to have to shell out about 250 grand canadian that’s 100 Dollars. dollars more than when they were new that’s a big price And.

and it’s caused by a small problem you see there’s no inventory in new cars right now which has driven up the price of both new and used cars and the reason for that apparently is due to a shortage of these oh That. that makes more sense also this is A