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Best 8 Jeep Logo Wallpaper Good Looking

we are to see how to design jeep logo in adobe illustrator let’s get started we need to install the jeep logo font helvetica Bold. bold from google before entering into adobe illustrator click on link to download font for free click download now button extract download a dead zip file enter into the font file and click install to install the font on your laptop once you completed create and common artboard in adobe illustrator change the preset details to jeep logo and click create button in The.

the tools bar select rectangle tool and doubleclick on artboard change the width and height of the rectangle to 1366 and 768 pixels. in the toolbar select selection tool and drag The.

the rectangle to the artboard. to change the color of the rectangle click fill and enter the rgb value 150. 2734 and press enter button. to create a background of logo click rectangle tool in toolbar and draw in rectangle change width and height of Rectangle. rectangle by 486 And. and 236 pixels. and change the color of the rectangle To.

to ffffffff which is white reduce the sharpness of the rectangle By.

by Dragging.

dragging the dots at the edges. and place it in center select text tool in toolbar to type the logo text jeep. change the logo text font to helvetica bold and change the text Size. size To.

to 128 points press and hold shift Key. key and select jeep text font and rectangle background and press align button to align it. select white Background