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Favorite 9 Cadillac Escalade 2021 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

guys blondie here and the reason why we’re filming this in the dark is because it looks more badass basically is the reason this is the brand new Escalade. escalade the 2021 edition now look what happens when you open up here on the key look how the front lights start flashing first and Then. then all of the lights come on which i think is super Cool. cool now come around here but it’s also a really nice touch is all of these leds that run along the side of the car now that actually highlights the step that is going To. to fold down when you get in now come around the back let me show you The.

the back this is a beast of the car you guys i really actually the look of this car let me just light her up again this is what you’ll see from the back how cool is that i love that i love all of these light dancing displays now that you Get. get with these new cars now what you can do with the escalade is it’s such a massive boot so if you Don’t.

don’t have that much stuff to put in the boot you Can. can actually just open up the top here by pressing twice on the Key. key and look there’s a little bit of A. a glass partition here and you can kind Of. of pop stuff in the back now if you want to open the whole thing watch this i’m Coming