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Top Bugatti Centodieci Wallpaper With 20 Pictures

just gonna out here for a bit someone bring me a drink . ready here we are this is the moment the chant or DHE. DHE in real life this is so exciting. you guys what’s up supercar blondie here at Pebble Beach in California and with me should we start at the back because that’s really where I’m Just.

just falling in love with This. this car on the pictures I didn’t actually realize that they would be 3d you see how they totally come out here for me these taillights make this car that’s really really beautiful on. the sheer on the tail light kind of runs along the back of the body here but it’s attached to The. the body and then on The. the Evo you do have this kind of 3d tail Light. light element but not To. to this level this is quite extreme you may realize that this looks somewhat the EB 110 that came out in the 90s especially here this design element here on the side these air intakes that’s actually functional it’s not just as for design purposes that’s gonna feed straight into the engine and help cool that down there’s an EB 110 right here just take a little bit You. you see they have very similar Design. design element here On.

on the side this is a w16 eight leader and it’s actually going to Have. have 100 more horsepower than the Sheeran so 1,600. horsepower they’re not officially bringing out any 0