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14 Good View Mercedes 190e Wallpaper

this a 190e 2.3 16 valve and while that might sound a little bit a printer this car is actually a bucket list or Dream. dream car if you will and it will now be joining me in the skirt garage so today what i want to do is just kind Of. of walk around the car give you guys an update because i’ve actually had This. this for About. about two or three months now and i want to tell you guys what has transpired what i’ve done To. to the vehicle what i planned To. to do to the vehicle and another vehicle that Has. has left the skirt garage stable so with that let’s get this started. . Okay.

okay guys today in this i’m not actually going to be doing any sort of review of The. the car i’m just going to kind of let you know generally what i’ve Done. done in the last couple months to get you guys up to speed and then All. all future s will be specific s kind of more Start. start and finish type s so first things first this is an original 190e 2.316 valve this car came to the united states for only two years 1986 and 1987. this is a 1987.

1987 model in those two years these cars. only came in two colors a kind of beige looking color that people call accountant beige That. that car is actually Called.

called smoke silver and it’s cool this car is black supposedly but it’s kind Of