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gonna give it a serious reviewing and to do that I’m going to talk you around the massive design changes it’s insane show you Inside. inside ooh a little bit of Verity to me drive it on one of the finest roads in the world oh my god. the way this grips make a noise there’s. vibrating so how much you can fit in it test how quick it is yeah annoy some local wildlife classic Portugal random dog and of course poke it with a stick come ass stuck now before we get into all that please make sure you to this and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you’re alerted when we make a new and if you’ve been watching for a while you haven’t d yet do it now otherwise I’m gonna find out I’m gonna make sure that all the s that you did Watch. watch are just about Dutchess yeah I can do that I have the power also if you click on the popout band right there you can download The.

the new car Wow up and on that you can do things watch our reviews compare cars compare offers and deals on various cars and it’s got a really cool car valuation tool you can use it just by scanning a cars number play and it will tell you how Much. much it’s worth so download it it’s free seeing as. this is a Of. of a Sports