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of the best mercedes sclass ever and one of the greatest luxury sedans ever built the sclass has always been the gold standard of luxury sedans and to Me. me this version Of. of the sclass has always been the gold standard of the gold standard and today i’m going to Review. review this s500 i’m going to show you What. what i mean Before. before i get started be sure to check out cars and bids which is my new online enthusiast car auction website with Daily. daily auctions of cool cars from the modern era if you’re looking to sell something from the 1980s 90s and Up. up Check. check out cars and bids you’ll reach a huge audience or if you’re looking to buy something from the 80s. 80s and up cars and bids is the place we always have awesome cars listed live for auction right now check it out at i’ve borrowed this s500 from a viewer here in southern california and i’m going to start with a little history the sclass has always been Mercedes. mercedes fullsize flagship luxury sedan dating back to the 1950s and given mercedes status as A. a luxury automaker the flagship model the sclass has always set The.

the tone for The. the rest of the lineup and no Car. car set the tone quite this version of the sclass this car is Known. known as the w140 model to mercedesbenz Geeks. geeks and it came out here in north america for the 1992 model year you could get it as A