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9 Pictures Golf Mk4 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

want to a gulf which is most known for being unreliable then you’ve come to the right place if you are planning to have. a look at one of these cars one of these mark fours there are a lot of faults stereotypically for this car as I will Show. show you that check engine light turns on you may think that means Trouble.

trouble honestly half the time it’s a sign stupid thermostat here is a list of things that you want to look out for when buying this car number one is rust I got quite lucky in mine as there was practically no rust two Or. or three most obvious signs hit somewhere along the front Because.

because of my stone chips and  __  and people don’t get that back get That. that paint it Again. again so that it goes with rusty yeah I don’t think I got any rust again but check around that Is. is usually rust there might be rough yes this one’s this one’s fun A. a person or whatever it’s just it’s Just.. just. gone this guy’s really annoying when you. have friends who keep trying to get into that door then if you Come. come in to the inside and try and open it you literally can’t um sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t I’m not really sure why but yep that’s. the door locking module which is somewhere in here or In. in this case I would open up this door but it doesn’t  __  open it can Be