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Favorite 8 Lancia Stratos Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

Stratos had a 2.4 litre Ferrari V6, mounted in the middle It was Italian. It was styled by Bertone. .and it was completely impractical. It Therefore. therefore ticked all the supercar boxes but un any Other. other supercar before or since, it wasn’t designed to be parked in Monte Carlo. It was designed to get there . this. it’s absurdly short wheelbase meant it was agile and the Ferrari power meant it was fast. .so fast that it won the World Rally Championship three Times. times and joy of joys, they made 500 Stratos’s for people to buy. That’s a proper noise What a fantastic car! Of course, there were a few problems with it, chief among which was a lack of space inside. A gynecologist would get in here and Go.

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