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Best 7 Paul Walker Gtr Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

those tell laughing ah nobody it’s better to wait for the yellow yeah red we make this is why there it’s heavy you can feel it on the road yeah no I just did just a real heavy car it’s really planted but you can just feel the mass rolling down the highway and it’s amazing when you feel that kind of girth even from inside .

The. the interior dimensions you just go and this is the car that’s going around that maneuvering how fast it’s just it’s it’s hard to believe to be honest with you no. no I mean you know he’s the one that’s feeling the Pedal.

pedal right You.

you know and he’s claiming these brakes he can really notice on the ceramic brakes and But. but outside of that we’re talking maybe 200 pounds you know just wrap it around 100 kilos you know achieve weight because of the carbon parts but you’re not going to notice That.

that on a highway but it’s amazing he. just put his foot into it a couple of times there’s no turbo lag there’s. nothing it’s just it’s so responsive and you can just feel the power band the whole way just just pulling and it just keeps calling for more you know you have a Maxis. Maxis pedo 200 other yeah okay California Motor Speedway I’d say you know over 100. 100 1607 okay. t o TT. TT v unfortunately okay okay gently Yeah right make me Miriam Would