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it’s the of weight bmw has taken out of a standard m4 to create this the allnew m4 csl. yeah they’re bringing back the Csl. csl Badge. badge and in bmw m world it gets no bigger than this it’s a badge that’s only been used twice before originally on the e93 liter csl in 1972 then again for the famous e46 m3 csl in 2003 more recently bmw has used the gts badge for the quickest m3 and m4 the question is why and to answer It.

it we have this man dirk hacker bmw m’s head of engineering dirk. 50 Years.

years of end this year and you’ve given Us. us a new csl only the third time in bmw m history You’ve. you’ve done this why have you chosen now to bring back the csl badge the csl badge i think stands for lightweight and we want to demonstrate the lightweight potential of the new m4 competition Model. model in in the future to see the impact on the performance and also as a little remark to the m3 csl 20 years ago with a duct tail with a carbon roof that’s a message for the 50s of anniversary for the m4 csl so what’s the difference between a csl Badge.

badge and a gts badge because obviously the e46 was the csl then you’ve had a couple of Gts’s. gts’s since then so what’s the difference there’s a little different focus for the car so csl is More. more for lightweight and the gts are More