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Top Mini Cooper Logo Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

how change your chrome badge to a black one okay so first of all we need to start by getting the badges which we have here Now. now you get Two. two badges They’re. they’re not the cheapest but they are two off so you’ve got a big one for the front okay which is there And. and then you have a pickle baby one and This. this one here is for the rear of the car okay now you can see by the back okay you got two prongs there and you got a big one and a little one okay and everything else is just sticky so when you look at what you’ve purchased you can already tell that there’s no Screws.

screws no bolts nothing’s gonna go into there okay so let’s start with our first okay so we’ll pop this In. in here because we want to keep them nice and safe we don’t want damage Before. before We. we start now depending If. if you want to keep these or not i’m going to refer back to my blue trim now go gentle because you don’t want to break them if you can help it and all we’re going to do Is. is we’re Just. just going to prise it up push down Prise. prise it up push down pull it towards us and she will give up the go sooner or later hold on see if i can make this a little bit easier let’s go there let’s go for the one corner shall we Guys