Car Wallpaper

Favorite Vw Bug Wallpaper With 4 Pictures

the can begin time time time you’re not wearing a watch i know that’s the whole point it’s getting dirty thank you all for joining us today Today. today is a very special episode because As. as you can tell we got the whole guys group here together and we are excited because today is a work day on seaside the 80 vanight In. in westphalia we have some fun fun fun packaging we’re going to do Here. here because our guys from go westy are going to help us with this putting seaside together so we got some packages we’re going to open them up this is just going to be a great day so join us today as we put forth a fulltime effort on Seaside. seaside the vanigan today and thank you guys from go westy let’s go go westie sent us a tube we get Six. six foot twelve times we Don’t. don’t know what it is hey hey whatever it is it’s for jilly it is from brazilian oh it’s right there there it is Oh. oh part number card number’s on oh we don’t know what the partnership yeah i don’t know well someone could search it before they watch the . i have no idea what all right here we go let’s go see you i’ll take It. it that’s how he wants that oh it’s got bubble wrap save that so we can reship stuff all right bumper and bumper and caps oh gosh. we got the other bumper end Cap