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Favorite 9 Photos Dodge Charger Background

hand ladies and gentlemen this is going to be a quick for one of my viewers not sure if the person is d but just a I think I Touched. touched on this a while back it’s probably something that’s very deep inside of my s but I’ll do a . specifically for this Person. person I was trying to find the comment where they asked me And. and I just cannot find that comment if I find the comment tonight by the time I get home I’ll. I’ll post that person’s comment in the how I usually do If. if I’m not mistaken I was trying to find the comment but I cannot find that Comment. comment I’m hoping that this is the question that they’re asking but I think they were asking me how do I get the hellcat Background. background on my you connect and I’ll show you guys How. how to do that right now alright guys yesterday you got a very long in that J&B Bodyworks rant tour so today it’s gonna be a pretty short on just how you get this actual Hellcat in the background now the first thing you Want. want to do just quickly I’ll go through this as you can see that Hellcat is in the background on My. my UConnect screen and of course the Taser allows you to get the Hellcat on the splash screen I don’t think the Taser is was giving me the ability to get this Hellcat background Here