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Favorite Bugatti Veyron Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

in the entire world by the time he sets off anywhere normally his hair has grown another inch so plainly he was the ideal man to try And. and Max the. fastest car in the world. lad the Impaler is back last year the mighty Bugatti Veyron starred in our greatest Top Gear. Gear challenge ever when it raised An. an aeroplane across the continent in that film Jeremy talked endlessly about the Veyrons ferocious power and its incredible top speed but because he was on public roads he Had. had to stick to the speed limit but Today.

today we’re not going to talk about it we’re going to do it we’re going to take the fastest production car in the world up to its top speed that top speed. is 253 miles per hour much faster than a. Formula One car and when you think that the Veyron.

Veyron has airbags air conditioning a stereo a boot and all the Other.

other stuff f1 cars aren’t burdened with you realize what an incredible machine this is the Veyron is. about pushing the outside of the Envelope.

envelope it’s about doing things that people said just were Not.

not possible this car is a sort of Concorde moment getting your car to do 155 miles per hour friendly isn’t really very difficult the Veyron needs just a piffling 270 horsepower To. to reach that speed but 253. thank you but faster you go the more mother nature tries to hold you back so to do the next Hundred