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Applause there’s bitter rivalry and often controversy but sometimes brits and germans can get along and the new aston martin vantage is proof With. with the mercedesamg engine under the bonnet it combines The. the brute force of german engineering with the elegance of british craftsmanship i really what aston martin has done with this Car. car for me it’s a bit a piece of art only one you Can. can actually drive and i Particularly. particularly the juxtaposition of this beautiful car here with the the derelict backdrop Yeah.

yeah anyway let’s move on to some Of. of the details for instance the lights they’re super thin and they’re all led then you’ve Got. got these huge splitter here at the front looks it’s just gonna gobble up the road it’s carbon fiber on this particular car but there are a few things i’m not impressed with so this the fit and finish isn’t great in areas you’ve got huge panel gaps you can almost fit your fingers Through. through there but i can’t fault aston martin for Some.

some of the things it’s done so rather than just stick on an air vent it’s actually built into the body work so This.

this one here is the smooth airflow over the wheels and it blends beautifully with the door you’ve got these huge side skirts and then check out these 20inch alloy wheels they look super small and then the haunches look at that this car just looks so muscular then there’s Some