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Top Cool Dodge Challenger Wallpaper With 10 Pictures

official it’s good place for more car content and I’ll answer all your questions and DMS there hey guys so today I’m making on Dodge Challenger modifications And. and going over the top 10 common ones that you can do to your car I’ve also done a this on the Chargers and that ended up being pretty popular so if You.

you do want to check that out it’ll be in the link in the top right corner up here but so I did want to do a Similar. similar for the Challenger because I just think There’s.

there’s so much you can Do. do to the challengers To.

to make them look Sick. sick and even adding small basic mods can just make the car stand out and look really unique from the rest of Them.

them hopefully you get some ideas for your challenger and let me know what other mods You’ve. you’ve done in the comments below now let’s get on to the so I’m just starting with the more common and easy to do mods in this .

these are things that are great for both the guy who doesn’t know where to start and the guy who can’t stop modding his car add all these things together and you’ve got 1 awesome challenger no matter if it’s a v6 or a Hemi So. so the. first thing and the only thing on this List.

list for the inside of the car is the change of the shifter a big muscle Car. car This. this needs a cool shifter something a Mopar Tee. tee shifter or a Hurst shifter this is usually super easy to do yourself and these shifters can be found for only around 50 bucks and are very easy to swap out now looking on the outside of the car the first thing to consider is adding Some.

some stripes not every Type. type of car can pull these off but adding some nice stripes can Really. really make or break your luck with this car and getting them right looks really really cool whether you’re going for racing stripes all the way back stripes up the sides or even some fender hash marks adding some Stripes. stripes usually isn’t more than a few hundred Dollars. dollars when professionally done And.

and it just looks really great on the Challenger moving on from the stripes next up are rims and tires just shoes can top off a killer outfit so do rims for cars the stock 17 or 18 you Might. might have don’t look So. so good visually so by adding some beastly 20inch rims or even 22s your Car. car looks totally different in the best way with these bigger wheels lowprofile tires On. on a big rim is a great look and something a muscle car this needs Plus there are so many different wheel options not only to customize them but almost for every budget as well so this is definitely a musthave maude foremost challengers next up is a front splitter there Are. are many different options For. for this depending on where you Look. look ranging from things $50 on eBay for a thinner piece to $350 for An. an APR splitter these. things make the car a bit more aerodynamic and actually give you better traction but Mostly. mostly they’re just for show making the front end look super mean and aggressive you can even add supporting rods for an even meaner look these are easy to install and really Change. change up the front end in the best way sticking with the Front. front end you need halos if you’ve got a challenger the headlights are the perfect opportunity to go to halos and You.

you can even Match.

match them with your fog lights as well this can add a cool color to The.

the light and There’s.

there’s just Something.

something so awesome about halos that you never want to stop looking at them these take your challengers To. to a whole new level of nasty and mean and you can usually find halo kits starting at around $200 and up the last thing I’m. I’m going to talk about on the front end that is a huge model opportunity is the hood This. this might be a more costly mod as hoods Can. can start at five hundred dollars and go well into the thousands but If.

if you do get the right one it could be worth it there are several really popular ones out there For. for the Challenger such as the shaker style hood tee a hood SRT hood or Even