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Favorite Mitsubishi Evo 8 Wallpaper With 4 Pictures

combat to outperform out handling at horsepower each other with their roadgoing rally cars and the other thing is every time they launch a new model they try and outdo each other with the Quantity. quantity of letters and numbers after the cars names so these are the two new models this is the Subaru Impreza STI WRX wr1 this is. the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8mr FQ. 320 now we could have just done an ordinary road test on these cars but to be honest that’s not the point what really matters between these two is which one is the fastest and there’s only one solution to that it’s called the stick right beaver launch is clearly off the line I was a bit worried that the weight of all that budging might slow it down but it seems pretty good so far breaking It.

it to Chicago lots of Tyre Squeal. squeal but it’s very tidy I. I would come down a course towards the real test shortly hammerhead we’ll See.

see what happens with fourwheel drive and the clever active your control Differential. differential is a bit of understeer There. there so get it pick up the pace when we get to The. the followthrough let’s see that’s much better look at that two. corners to go I stopped the grass they’re stinking she’s actually in a rally siding Into. into Gambon and across the line and are you ready yes go on one minute 26 exactly which is really as. quick as the gut Lamborghini Guile