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Ellison Onizuka beside teacher and space participant Christa McAuliffe and they. are posing for their traditional shot during their breakfast and then we have commander dick Scobee sitting beside pilot Mike Smith in front of the traditional cake featuring Halley’s Comet and an apple for the teacher Judy Resnik on the Left mission specialist along with Ron McNair and payload specialist Greg Jarvis all members of the 51l crew and they’re Going.

going to give it another shot today there they are the crew of Mission 51l including. teacher in space participant and the first private citizen to fly in space Christa McAuliffe this is shuttle launch control at tminus Two.

two minutes twenty I mean two hours 28 minutes in County here comes the 51. 51 L flight crew boarding the elevator for the second time in Two. two days ready to depart the ONC building for the launch pad and they’ll ride down the Three.

three floors to the main level where. they will exit the ONC building traditionally met by the members of the media who are standing by waiting to. document and this is the worker here that Has.

has been very active in preparing the 51l mission at the operations And.

and checkout building the payloads which include a tigress satellite Spartan halle experiment and here comes the Flight. flight crew now McNair pilot Mike Smith. Followed. followed by Christa McAuliffe teacher in space Ellison Onizuka and Payload. payload specialist Greg Jarvis big smiles today. confidently getting into the van they’re going below to That