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Best 10 Evo 4 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

new interface from audient the evo 4   and if you are interested in this device it will  set you back around 130 dollars always i’ll   throw some links down below And. and for the Majority . majority  of this review i have the rode nt1 connected   directly to the evo 4 i have 48 volts Phantom .

phantom  power turned on my gain set just at around 12   o’clock and i Am. am recording at 24 bit 48 kilohertz  i won’t do Any.

any kind of postprocessing but i may   boost it in post so check the dooblydoo to see  what identity did and now Let’s.

let’s talk About.

about what   Comes. comes in the box but people are saying i’m  becoming too violent so good box good buck of course you are going to get the audio interface  you’ll get a usbc to Usb. usb a cable and A. a quick start   guide then as far as the build quality of  this thing it feels decent at best it has an   all plastic construction which doesn’t feel that  sturdy the Buttons.

buttons do have a little bit of tactile   click to them but they don’t have a decent amount  of feedback and the xlr ports have quite a bit of   Wiggle. wiggle to them then on the top of the device you  will find two selection Buttons. buttons which will   allow you to select what input you want to adjust  and you’re also able to mute that input by holding   the button down For.

for a few seconds which  is just Awesome