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Top 10 Evo 5 Wallpaper Amazing Pictures

my is clay wong today we are showcasing a rally legend here on the and this car is none other than the 1998 mitsubishi lancer evolution 5 gsr and just have a look at this car guys from every single angle the evo 5 just screams aggression and it’s truly such a special car in japanese motor history so this evolution 5 belongs to my good Friend. friend henry And. and he’s owned this car for the past three years it’s still in immaculate condition for his age it’s a Car. car that’s nearly On. on 25 years old have a look at all the vents on this car everything is completely functional and They. they were designed specifically for the world rally championship races and you’ve got the laptop the vented bonnet The. the big radiator grille this Car. car is an upgraded ready intercooler got these fog light covers which looks super cool I. i am a big fan of the fog lights for the rally Cars. cars but on the street they just look so tough and then when you make your way to the side this car has probably the widest arches on a road going vehicle of its era and At. at the rear end they’re actually bolted on onto the Chassis.

chassis which is completely insane and then this car has a lovely set of bronze t37s they just look so intrigued on this car the brembo factory calipers finished off in yellow With.

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