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Favorite Aventador Wallpaper With 9 Pictures

so got an amazing drag race for you today because i’m sad in the brand new super rare super amazing lamborghini aventador ultimate the last of the aventador line and next to me is an aventador svj and next to that is an aventador sv and next to that is an aventador air So.

so next to that it’s a normal aventador yes i’ve got all the aventadors here and we are Going.

going to race them over the standing quarter mark To. to see how they perform oh my god this has been hard to arrange but We.

we nailed it and this is going to be incredible so i’ve got a couple of guest drivers with me The. the first is the owner of that svj it’s mark mccann hey mark how are you hi matt you’re okay yeah i’m okay how’s your car considering you utterly abuse it on your doing things drifting offroading and crazy stuff that unfortunately it’s come a bit dirty today because we were doing silly things with helicopters at the weekend yeah i’m surprised that castle in one piece anyway in the sv we have someone who used to own an sv but then he raffled It. it off as part of his competition business it is of course mr shara lambos hi yanny how are you hello matt i’m really well and i’ll be Honest. honest fair play To. to you guys for Putting. putting this race together and getting every single event store here wow It’s