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9 Photos Evo 7 Wallpaper Good Looking

explained today yet again covering another fast and furious car Brian’s Mitsubishi Evo 7 and there are. quite a few weird facts behind this very recognizable Evo the First. first involves the fact that it is an Evo and that it was in the u.s. in 2002 when the movie was being filmed this is important because the Evo Had.

had not entered the US market yet so how did the film makers even get their hands on four Evo’s for the Movie. movie well the Cars. cars had originally been intended to be used by a rally team in Austria But.

but the cars were redirected to the US for use in the movie this explains also why the cars were lefthand drive whether they had Austrian or Japanese VIN numbers I have no idea and because the Evo. Evo 7 wasn’t going to Be. be made for the US but its successor the Evo 8 would be mitsubishi asked the film makers to make the Evo sevens they were using to look Evo 8 which they tried to do by equipping them with Custom. custom tail lights and I I can sort of. Understand. understand why since The. the Evo 7 was never going to be sold in the US. US but then trying to make them look the eight seems a bit weird because the front ends of the cars look rather different to anyone that is paying attention that said I am very impressed they managed to source cars r34 GTR Xand Evo Sevens