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8 Images Subaru Forester Wallpaper Good Looking

subaru um i didn’t really it all that much it was the hybrid model but they’ve just updated it and this is the nonhybrid model which i think I’m. i’m going to a whole lot better this is the top specification nonhybrid subaru forester and today we’re going to do a detailed review of it this one here is priced at just under 45 000 but If. if that’s a bit too much the Whole. whole range kicks off at a little over 35 grand this competes with things the toyota rav4 the hyundai tucson the kia sportage you have a lot of competitors to pick from there if you do want to skip ahead to other parts of this review you can use the time codes up on the screen there or if you’re On. on youtube just scroll down and use the chapters below and if you haven’t done so already to our and press the bell icon that way you’re going to find out every single time we drive updated Cars. cars Now.

now let’s talk about The. the exterior so you’ve got nine external colors to pick from and Here’s. here’s something fun they’re all free of charge so you can Pick. pick Whichever. whichever color you want and they’re Not. not going to sting you any extra for it so i mentioned that this Is. is the update it Really.

really is just a bit of a minor facelift but generally with subaru when they do facelifts they tend to kind of Pull