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Top 9 Murcielago Wallpaper Good Looking

the martial is a pretty special car because that to me has got the best of both worlds you know we’ve got we’ve got the big parent company backing it to Make. make sure the car’s right but it’s still got just enough craziness in it built into its dna to be a lamborghini . welcome to part 7 of Our. our interview series with chris palmer so far we’ve discovered chris’s history with the lamborghini countach and diablo But. but today we’re discussing the third v12 in his lineup of raging bulls the murcielago . the the martial argo um yeah i just i think the murcielago has just aged so well you know it’s it’s the aventador i’m probably in a minority but this aventador i’m not going to say i don’t the svgs but they’ve got so many wings and spoilers on them and what have you You. you know This.

this this car in profile is such a Fabulous.

fabulous looking car just the profile on it and i Think. think the murcielago is the same um and i know a lot of people were sad and saying oh lamborghini have been taken over by audi now the first of the sort of if you The.

the audi um the audi lambos the audi era. was the last of the six liter diablos but You. you could sort of see is it at luke i think i’m trying to remember who designed it the the martial has it luke dunk Felt